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The Trend

It’s a journey of learning since the day we are born. All the avenues of learning have evolved since the creation. In today’s world continuous learning is probably the most important need after the three basics. The intensity of knowledge that we are offered, the speed at which we can to digest them and how we prepare ourselves to face the constant wave of knowledge stream is very important not only to get ready for tomorrow but to realize our self-potential making us capable of answering who we are and what are we here for.

With the internet of things every sunrise is bringing a new opportunity different from yesterday as it brings something new to learn, something new to experience on or something new to live with. Sometimes with a choice and sometimes not. The internet has given us the virtual wings not only to fly but also let the world know that you are flying. With the cloud of things, we have shaped our wings based on how we want to fly. we are almost floating on clouds, sometimes it rains and sometimes just a wet mist.

There are always good and the bad. But the question becomes how well, this inter-net are we using for our personal and professional objectives? An immediate answer might be a lot! Facebook, Linked in, Google, Twitter, Instagram, thousands of blogs and many other social platforms.

Well, connecting with friends, connecting with professionals, searching the Google for never-ending quest is all great, gives us pleasure of knowing, peace of mind that we know a lot and an intellectual emotional satisfaction that we are connected with opportunities and people. But have we thought how much of these time we spend over internet really goes into a well-planned self-development with a constant measure? I am sure the answer would take a little while, I guess you are looking up and down.

The Need

Our first effective learning starts with our parents when they teach us how to walk holding our tiny fingers, how to talk guiding and correcting on every word we try to speak before it registers permanently, how to drink and eat from that bottle to cup to the dining table. The bottom line is, every learning is fully worth when it is perfectly guided, contextual, well measured with constant feedback.

Most of my after office hours keep scanning online for new information and think about how can we make things even better. I have been taking online courses for a long time, stopping by many free learning websites and I observed there is a huge exchange of brilliant information going on every second. But majority of them are unguided and unmeasured and one of the most important thing I felt was the lack of effective connection with the source, people with similar quest, like a constant guide or learning buddies.

Now comes the measuring of how do we spend those online hours? Where do we spend the? how they add value? How effectively we applied what we collected. Going back to those early baby days, our mom and dad gave us a measure of how we spent our time learning things and how well and effectively we learnt. But as we grow up things become more and more difficult to track. Hang on, are we heading towards a handy personal learning analytics, analytical information on how we spend our time learning things? How well we did and what next? Probably yes! But the interesting part is someone else on the web for sure is tracking those hours but we don’t get to know much of it, neither we have much control on that information.

The Innovation

At Acrossinfinity we thought of challenging our gray matters to figure out an innovative way that might help the world keep learning under a constant guidance, with globally connected learning buddies and a constant measure with feedback on all the stream of knowledge we eat up. We are also trying to develop a way to offer learners  have more control on how best their time can be used for effective learning with personal analytics and smart recommendations based individual’s learning trend. And all of this with a robust quality control on the knowledge we offer. Yes we have taken up a very challenging mission.

We are dreaming about a connected world where the best guided learning from the best is just a click away no matter where you are, no matter how heavy or light your wallet is !

So we began developing the smart learning cloud, a complete cloud based globally connected multi-device learning platform no matter its personal learning, learning at work or learning management for an organization.  As we make progress every day on our innovation our belief gets stronger that we can help you get the best of your you.



Author : Kanad Chatterjee – Follow @ Twitter

Founder and CEO, AcrossinfinityMapping To A Smart Future


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