What's In Our Mind !

Our Passion...

We Think Before We Do

We sense a problem, go to the root cause and map our solution accordingly

Technology For Everyone

We believe in smarter communities, no matter where they are, what they do, when they do

We Love Simple Design

Making use of technology a charm is our passion – We believe in solving problems the simple way

Cloud For Everyone

Our minds are full of innovation enabling cloud for everyone – individuals or organizations.

Next Big Step

We envision taking the next big step together

Hard Work Is The Key

No matter how brilliant an idea is, we know how hard it is to make it work

We are developing www.learnmet.com - A global learning platform coming soon !

Public Cloud + Private Cloud (Collaborative eLMS)

Values we offer at www.learnmet.com

For every learning need

Social Network Dedicated To Global Learning
Mobility + Flexibity - Anytime, Anywhere, Your Favorite Device
Search And Connect Live Instantly - Instructors Worldwide
Fully Organized, Configurable Cloud Space - Keep, Manage and Share Every piece of learning
Integrated Video Conf. + Whiteboard - Every Session Recorded and Stored in Personal Library
Online Course Management - Global Knowledge Bank
Private Cloud Based eLMS - Social, Mobile, Managed, Configurable, Scalable
Private Cloud Based eLMS - Re-Imagine Collaborative Learning For Employees
Private Cloud Based eLMS - More reach, control, fluidity and flexibility for Institutes and Organizations

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